Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No ... it probably isn't ...

... got any ideas what I should post here to make it "The best blog in the entire world"?

I don't ... not yet ... but then I have not really been thinking about it much ... I have been too busy doing other things - lol

btw, I still can't remember what used to be at this URL ... way back before I found out it was up for grabs and claimed it ... I just know there was something here because I had e-mailed myself the URL so I could go back to it later even if DH upgraded the computer and/or lost/deleted all the bookmarks from the browser (which happens from time to time ;-)
hmmmmm maybe that is wrong with my brain ... someone has deleted the bookmarks for the files I have "saved" in there and can't find - LOL (that or some of my "memory cards" are "fried"? might be due to those few "screws loose" ... or some dodgy electrical wiring in there, which I am fairly sure I must have - I think it comes with the territory when one is a bit weird and creative)

boring post eh?

maybe I should start posting here with some links to more interesting blogs?
- I tend to fall over quite a few in my www surfing expeditions ... and yes - somethimes they ARE like expeditions - I sit here to do something and decide to have a quick peek at some blog I follow or go to a URL in an e-mail someone posted to one of the yhoogroups I am on ... then link leads on to link and before I know it seveal hours have passed and I have read all about one or 2 ... or 5 ... interesting things/people/etc ... and all those other things I should have been doing have still NOT been done ... sigh ...

(like now - I have a heap of stuff I want to get done today, half of which won't get done because I am already running out of "day" and the washing machine is beeping at me to say it has finished and the washing needs hanging on the line - and here I am posting to a blog that I probably didn't actually need to post to right now ;-)

... and now here I am a day later - I figured I had better log in again and actually post this ... (but I did hang up that load of washing ... eventually) ... I left this one hald done and started typing a post on my other blog  ... the one I actually post to a bit more often than once a year ... I have not posted that one yet either ... I need to add the photos ... I guess I had better go do that ...

(and if you read that post on my other blog, once I post it, then it will sort of probably explain why I didn't post this one until I had typed at least some of that one ... or if not, then you might be able to figure it out ... maybe ... )

and ... seeing I am fiddling with photos for that other blog - here is one for this blog post:


it is some trees, somewhere ...
(probably one of the times I walked home from work recently, or not so recently - I guess late August is not so recent now that it is almost November - where DID the year GO?!)
These trees are still wating to spring into action and sprout some new growth ... a bit like this blog I guess?
(except those trees probably have blossomed into something by now, unlike this blog ...)

hmmmmm - I seem to have a thing about taking photos of trees, or usually bits of trees, lately :-)

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