Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No ... it probably isn't ...

... got any ideas what I should post here to make it "The best blog in the entire world"?

I don't ... not yet ... but then I have not really been thinking about it much ... I have been too busy doing other things - lol

btw, I still can't remember what used to be at this URL ... way back before I found out it was up for grabs and claimed it ... I just know there was something here because I had e-mailed myself the URL so I could go back to it later even if DH upgraded the computer and/or lost/deleted all the bookmarks from the browser (which happens from time to time ;-)
hmmmmm maybe that is wrong with my brain ... someone has deleted the bookmarks for the files I have "saved" in there and can't find - LOL (that or some of my "memory cards" are "fried"? might be due to those few "screws loose" ... or some dodgy electrical wiring in there, which I am fairly sure I must have - I think it comes with the territory when one is a bit weird and creative)

boring post eh?

maybe I should start posting here with some links to more interesting blogs?
- I tend to fall over quite a few in my www surfing expeditions ... and yes - somethimes they ARE like expeditions - I sit here to do something and decide to have a quick peek at some blog I follow or go to a URL in an e-mail someone posted to one of the yhoogroups I am on ... then link leads on to link and before I know it seveal hours have passed and I have read all about one or 2 ... or 5 ... interesting things/people/etc ... and all those other things I should have been doing have still NOT been done ... sigh ...

(like now - I have a heap of stuff I want to get done today, half of which won't get done because I am already running out of "day" and the washing machine is beeping at me to say it has finished and the washing needs hanging on the line - and here I am posting to a blog that I probably didn't actually need to post to right now ;-)

... and now here I am a day later - I figured I had better log in again and actually post this ... (but I did hang up that load of washing ... eventually) ... I left this one hald done and started typing a post on my other blog  ... the one I actually post to a bit more often than once a year ... I have not posted that one yet either ... I need to add the photos ... I guess I had better go do that ...

(and if you read that post on my other blog, once I post it, then it will sort of probably explain why I didn't post this one until I had typed at least some of that one ... or if not, then you might be able to figure it out ... maybe ... )

and ... seeing I am fiddling with photos for that other blog - here is one for this blog post:


it is some trees, somewhere ...
(probably one of the times I walked home from work recently, or not so recently - I guess late August is not so recent now that it is almost November - where DID the year GO?!)
These trees are still wating to spring into action and sprout some new growth ... a bit like this blog I guess?
(except those trees probably have blossomed into something by now, unlike this blog ...)

hmmmmm - I seem to have a thing about taking photos of trees, or usually bits of trees, lately :-)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

um ... er ...

oh oh - it has nearly been a year since I posted here!

no I didn't win the trip to Antarctica ... not sure anyone even voted for me (well, I think one or 2 did) ... I guess that sort of thing happens when one doesn't have a lot of online friends ... and those I do have probably already voted for the other person - the one who posted about it to the yahoogroup, when she signed up for it ... which is how I found out about the thing ... lol

My Mum didn't even vote for me - LOL

(but then my mum doesn't read my blog either ... unless I e-mail the posts to her, then she might read them)

I have posted to my main blog a bit more often ... probably should be doing that now ... but probably won't (it will take a while and I don't have a while - have other stuff to go and do ... stuff I should have done ages ago ... but didn't, because I was getting lost googling for stuff like "cornfour and water in speakers" and looking at weird mechanical thingys on u tube)

one day, if I ever have any of that weird thing that I have not had for years - that stuff called "spare time", I will have to actually post something interesting here ... because at the moment this blog definitely does NOT live up to it's title!

btw ... I was digging around in some really OLD list of URLs that I had saved (looking for something else that I never actually found) and I found the URL for this blog ... but when I saved that URL, I did not have this blog! ... in fact I started this blog the last time I fell over that old URL, wondered why I had saved it, went to look what was there, noticed nobody owned it any more, and signed up for it before someone else did ... I wonder what used to be here?  ... I don't have a clue, but it was probably more interesting than what is here now - LOL

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I want to go to Antarctica, I want to go to Antarctica, I want ...

... the chance to do something that I will probably never get to do unless I get chosen for this!

Yes I have travelled overseas a couple of times ... once was "BC" (Before Children) - back when I had a better paid job and nothing much to spend my money on ... the other time was this year - when the trip was mostly paid for by my recently deceased grandma (My wonderful Mum decided to share some of what she inherited with my brother and I, while we were "still young enough to enjoy it") but ... I/we have run out of rich relatives ... in fact the only relatives I have, who I am ever likely to inherit anything else from are Mum and Dad ... who I hope will live forever ... or at least for a long long time ... and what I am likely to inherit would probably not even pay off our mortgage ... so my only way to get to see the wonderful wilderness of Antarctica - the place that is down under "downunder" - is to blog my way there!

So ... why should/would/could you choose ME to be their guest blogger?

Well ... why not?

... 3 of my favourite things to do are travelling, taking lots of photos, and telling people about stuff ... so I guess I am made for the job?!

(and yes - if I am chosen - I will blog a LOT more often than I do on my own blogs! ;-)

so ... how about you go to http://www.blogyourwaytoantarctica.com/blogs/view/281 and vote for me?

please ...

pretty please

... on bended knees?

(can you tell that I REALLY want to go?!)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

hmmm ... it has been quite a while since I posted anything here ... oops?

(maybe they should move Christmas to a more quiet time of the year? :-)

btw, if you don't like the card - there might be a different one on one or more of my other blogs ... depends how many more cards I get around to creating and how many of my other blogs I get around to posting to this evening - lol

(there are links to some of my other blogs in the side-bar of some of them ... and they should all come up in the list you get if you look at my profile ;-)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

it could be ...

... if I ever got around to posting anything to it.

Maybe I should put some photos of interesting stuff here?

I am not sure if this is the best sunset in the entire world, but it was pretty darn good (which is probably more than I can say for my photos of it):

I suppose I could have cropped the photo and flipped it upside down and pretended I could fly above the clouds with my camera in hand ... now that would be fun!

Or/and I could have posted a negative image and pretended it was day time:

Or maybe made it black and white and pretended it was a sandy beach or something:

hmmm ... I wonder if whatever makes the ripples in sand look like they do also makes the ripples in clouds form the same way? ... someone has probably done a physics Phd on it or something no doubt ...

Maybe I should actually go and post something to my other blog (the one I do post to sometimes, but have not posted to for a while and have a whole heap of stuff I want to put on there)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Is it?

Well ... actually, no ... not yet

but one day it might be

... or it might not.

btw, I think there used to be something else here at this URL (different blog same name) because I had the URL saved somewhere for some odd reason ... forgot why - clicked on it to see what was here/why I wanted to come back - and noticed it was not in use any more - so I snaffled it while I could .

The big question is ... will I ever be able to make it live up to it's name? LOL