Thursday, May 20, 2010

um ... er ...

oh oh - it has nearly been a year since I posted here!

no I didn't win the trip to Antarctica ... not sure anyone even voted for me (well, I think one or 2 did) ... I guess that sort of thing happens when one doesn't have a lot of online friends ... and those I do have probably already voted for the other person - the one who posted about it to the yahoogroup, when she signed up for it ... which is how I found out about the thing ... lol

My Mum didn't even vote for me - LOL

(but then my mum doesn't read my blog either ... unless I e-mail the posts to her, then she might read them)

I have posted to my main blog a bit more often ... probably should be doing that now ... but probably won't (it will take a while and I don't have a while - have other stuff to go and do ... stuff I should have done ages ago ... but didn't, because I was getting lost googling for stuff like "cornfour and water in speakers" and looking at weird mechanical thingys on u tube)

one day, if I ever have any of that weird thing that I have not had for years - that stuff called "spare time", I will have to actually post something interesting here ... because at the moment this blog definitely does NOT live up to it's title!

btw ... I was digging around in some really OLD list of URLs that I had saved (looking for something else that I never actually found) and I found the URL for this blog ... but when I saved that URL, I did not have this blog! ... in fact I started this blog the last time I fell over that old URL, wondered why I had saved it, went to look what was there, noticed nobody owned it any more, and signed up for it before someone else did ... I wonder what used to be here?  ... I don't have a clue, but it was probably more interesting than what is here now - LOL

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