Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I want to go to Antarctica, I want to go to Antarctica, I want ...

... the chance to do something that I will probably never get to do unless I get chosen for this!

Yes I have travelled overseas a couple of times ... once was "BC" (Before Children) - back when I had a better paid job and nothing much to spend my money on ... the other time was this year - when the trip was mostly paid for by my recently deceased grandma (My wonderful Mum decided to share some of what she inherited with my brother and I, while we were "still young enough to enjoy it") but ... I/we have run out of rich relatives ... in fact the only relatives I have, who I am ever likely to inherit anything else from are Mum and Dad ... who I hope will live forever ... or at least for a long long time ... and what I am likely to inherit would probably not even pay off our mortgage ... so my only way to get to see the wonderful wilderness of Antarctica - the place that is down under "downunder" - is to blog my way there!

So ... why should/would/could you choose ME to be their guest blogger?

Well ... why not?

... 3 of my favourite things to do are travelling, taking lots of photos, and telling people about stuff ... so I guess I am made for the job?!

(and yes - if I am chosen - I will blog a LOT more often than I do on my own blogs! ;-)

so ... how about you go to and vote for me?

please ...

pretty please

... on bended knees?

(can you tell that I REALLY want to go?!)

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