Sunday, October 5, 2008

it could be ...

... if I ever got around to posting anything to it.

Maybe I should put some photos of interesting stuff here?

I am not sure if this is the best sunset in the entire world, but it was pretty darn good (which is probably more than I can say for my photos of it):

I suppose I could have cropped the photo and flipped it upside down and pretended I could fly above the clouds with my camera in hand ... now that would be fun!

Or/and I could have posted a negative image and pretended it was day time:

Or maybe made it black and white and pretended it was a sandy beach or something:

hmmm ... I wonder if whatever makes the ripples in sand look like they do also makes the ripples in clouds form the same way? ... someone has probably done a physics Phd on it or something no doubt ...

Maybe I should actually go and post something to my other blog (the one I do post to sometimes, but have not posted to for a while and have a whole heap of stuff I want to put on there)


Lindi said...

Air movement, aka breeze or wind, causes the ripples in the sand, so I guess it probably causes the same in clouds.
I liked the black and white photo best. How would it look in sepia?

aykayem said...

That would be my guess too ... and I do know that there are some complicated explanations for just HOW ripples and stuff form in dry sand and under water in rivers/etc ... it is amazing what people will study if they are interested in it ... once I even read a PHD paper on the comparison of using different surfaces on floors in shearing sheds - lol
(not sure if it was exactly that - can't remember the exact title or how/why/where I found it now ... probably something that came up in a google search or something)

re how the photo might look in sepia? ... hmmm ... could work - feel free to download the photo and experiment :-)

(if I was worried about people "stealing" my photos I wouldn't post them to a blog/etc where they can be so easily copied from - LOL)